Jun 13

Update and News at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre

Hi There.

It has been a busy 6 months this year.


We will continue to offer work experience placements for students of local schools.  We will have Katheryn starting on the 25th June from Buckley Park College and then Aziza will return in the September school holidays.

We continue to have many requests from overseas students for a placement at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and we try to accommodate.

Some of you will remember Sarah Hartel who was from Germany.  She spent about 6 months at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre.  Her goal was to gain experience to work in the paediatric field back in Germany and her dream goal has come true.  She was recently appointed as a Paediatric Physiotherapist  at a school.  Congratulations Sarah!!


We have been steadily writing a mountain of letters of support and requests for our clients to access funds for therapy and equipment through NDIS.   This has proven to be about 98% successful in the first instance.  We have had only 2 coordinators come back for further justification regarding equipment.

As a physiotherapist I can request NDIS  funds for an assessment by an Occupational Therapist for in home modifications, car modifications or in home assistive lifting devices. The request will eventually go through the NDIS stream of SWEP which must be submitted by an Occupational Therapist.

Additional building works

We are soon to have the stair railing lengthened and tactile tiles placed at the bottom and top of the stairs as an additional requirement for accessible compliance.

Tiny Steps Development Series

The 3 Apps I have created are now all FREE on iOS and the Google Play store

Please go in and have a look at them.

Baby Massage Guide



Baby’s Motor Milestones


Training@ the playground




Mary-Anne, Physiotherapist, will be on leave over the July school holidays.  Nurlan, receptionist,  will still be answering the diverted phones but will only come into the office as needed when Pragashni, Speech Pathologist, is in. If you need to come into the office to buy supplies etc, please call first to make sure the building will be opened.








May 07

Update on News at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre

Firstly, I have to say that the new practice rooms have been great to work in and we get glowing comments from lots and lots of clients, both new and old.  The concept of the new building was to ensure you and your children have the comfort of lovely surroundings when participating in therapy.  Everyone loves and appreciates the automatic opening doors especially when juggling a pram, wheelchair and walking frame or all 3 at once.  The oversized change table is also a hit for the older child who is incontinent.  There’s also some new therapy equipment which the children love, especially the swings.  A lot of the new equipment was sourced overseas.

This week we are having Google in to video tape the rooms, so those clients who are new to the practice will be able to see what its like before they come in.  They will be able to google search Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and click on it for the video to play.

At Tasma House, we have a meeting room upstairs for the purpose of hosting lectures and some workshops.  I’ve been working on information sessions for parents some of which will be Feeding and dietetics, the Psychology of play, etc.  These information sessions will be run by professionals in the field and will be free to parents of new and existing clients. Places will be limited so keep posted for these as I will announce it on Facebook and at the practice rooms.  If you have ideas on topics you would like to hear about please let us know.

Last week I had an evening dinner meeting with Pragashni Pillay, Speech Pathologist, regarding new and innovative group programs we are planning to run.  They will be on the theme of Communication concepts and movement.  We will link the 2 concepts together so the movement and the speech compliment each other.  We are in the planning phase now and will have the groups advertised toward the second half of the year. They will be run in the gym room.

Our brain storming session also came up with some excellent ideas on training workshops for Health Professionals and others for Parents. We will keep you posted on these workshops too.

Lastly, in mid June we will be hosting a year 10 work experience student for the week.





Mar 13

phone apps

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has 3 relevant apps for your children.  They are designed for mobile phones and can be accessed via the Play Store and App Store.

Below is a run down on the apps available.

“Baby’s Motor Milestones” explains the average milestones expected for children up to the age of 18 months old.  This is a Free app. IMG_5806

“Baby Massage Guide” is a comprehensive guide to massaging your baby. This guide covers the topics on massage theory, benefits of massage and massage techniques.  Illustrations provided. On the Play store.  IMG_5804

“Training @ the Playground”  has information on muscles used on all different types of playground equipment.  It provides you with illustrations and the functional benefits of strengthening muscle groups. On the App store and the Play Store.

.  IMG_5805


Feb 12

Work Experience and Physiotherapy Students

Many behind the scenes activities occur at Pediatric Physiotherapy Centre, one being many request for student placements, either in secondary college, university or qualified physiotherapists wanting to observe our work.
Recently we had Jen, who is a 3rd year Doctor of Physiotherapy student at Melbourne University. Jen was on placement at Royal Melbourne Hospital and in her spare time managed to observe and assist on 2 Fridays. Thanks Jen for your help and we wish you well.
In June this year we will host a Strathmore Secondary College Student for a week and from Mid July through to August we will host a Master of Physiotherapy student from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.
This is a great opportunity to help students foster a love of working with children.
We look forward to meeting these students as I hope you will.


Aug 29

New Practice update

The practice is moving along well. The painter has started and all cabinets just about in. Once the painting has been completed, carpets and tiles will be installed. The ramps to the front and back entrance have been done and the automatic entrance doors are to be completed this week. The stairs to the first floor are to go in this week as well.
We are getting close to moving in. The last few jobs will be the car park, landscaping and fences.

Aug 22

Diary now open for 2017 appointments

We have opened the diary for 2017 appointments.
If you have preferred days, times and frequency for your child’s appointments, please let us know and we can book them in for you.

Jul 30

Professional of the Year Award

awardIt was a great surprise to receive this award in the mail this week. I had been contacted by Worldwide Who’s Who and interviewed many times earlier this year. This involved a lot of phone calls and emails from the USA. I was very excited at the time of being nominated and then awarded the honour. The Award is a lovely reminder.

Jul 30

New Practice Update

The practice is coming along well. Up to the stage of finishing off the plastering. I’ve now had to pick carpets, basins, taps etc so I know we’re nearing the final stages.
I have to say the practice is looking a treat. The gym is a great size and reception is looking good and bright. Considering I had only 4 walls left and 2 walls had to be rebuilt means there has been a lot of ground work going on. Here are a few snap shots I took this morning.


Jul 27

New App Out Now

My new App is out now.
Titled, “Training @ the playground”.
For iPhone and Android phones so you can take your bookmarked exercises with you.
Simple to read and follow. It explains the functional benefits of equipment used in the playground.

Don’t forget the other 2 apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store;
“Baby’s Motor Milestones” and
“Baby Massage Guide”.

Jun 24

New Practice Update

Things are coming along slowly but surely. A few new changes to upstairs, as I added another room, has slowed the building progress. More walls came down and new ones have been rebuilt. Its all happening with lots of building workers there daily.
gym photo


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