Lower Limb Biomechanics

The lower limb biomechanics assessment uses the NAS technique to treat lower limb postural conditions. This treatment could entail

Custom made orthotics for problems such as:

  • >> gross pronation of the feet
  • >> In toeing
  • >> out toeing
  • >> Plantar fasciitis
  • >> Achilles tendonitis
  • >> Patella maltracking
  • >> Osgood Schlatters
  • >> Severs disease
  • >> metatarsalgia
  • >> Severs disease
  • Treatment for stretching and / or strengthening muscles
  • Taping of the area affected, such as knees.

This assessment and treatment program is completed by a highly qualified pediatric physiotherapist.

The NAS technique is also appropriate for adults who have lower limb dysfunction, such as pain on standing and walking, and require custom made orthotics. Orthotics for adults can also be provided in our biomechanics clinic.