Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre Programs

  • Assessments

    An assessment of the child’s presentation is completed to determine the course of treatment required.

  • Treatment

    Active treatment sessions are provided. Balance and co-ordination equipment is often used to assist in the exercise sessions .

  • Programs

    Exercise programs are tailored to each child. Home programs are provided.


Our physiotherapy room geard toward younger children.

At the Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre, individual programs are tailored to each child. Therapy based programs are delivered though games, activities and songs. Children learn best when they are relaxed and playing. All children are assessed for their presenting condition, and a program is devised to improve the child's physical problems.

Programs can easily be followed by parents, carers or integration aides at school. Hands on training is provided. All programs are written to ensure they are followed correctly. At times a hydrotherapy program or gym program is indicated. If so a specific program will be devised.

Physiotherapy programs may require the use of equipment, such as a therapy ball, peanut roll or balance disc etc. If a child has a WiiTM program at home, exercises may be used from the game to assist with the child's physiotherapy program. Generally exercises are provided in a fun way with songs and toys. The picture to the right is of the gym room and is geared towards the older child and is therapy based.


The Gym Room

Sometimes use of the play equipment in your local park may be appropriate.

The exercise program is therefore geared to the child's age and needs. Teenage children are therefore treated as young adults.