As an adjunct to Paediatric physiotherapy treatment, massage may be provided where appropriate, to neonates and babies.  Baby massage can be effective at reducing muscle tension and tone and prompting increase range of movement and muscle activation.

Baby massage is primarily provided for babies who present with a sternomastoid tumour, torticollis (wry neck), and plagiocephaly (flat head spot).  However, it can also be effective for babies with shoulder and leg movement restrictions or trunk asymmetry.

Our paediatric physiotherapists incorporate baby massage into treatments as indicated and can demonstrate to parents so that it can be continued at home.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre also provides Baby Massage Workshops to new mother’s groups and is extending this opportunity with current workshops.

Workshops are run on an as needed basis. Please contact Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre for your new mother’s group workshop. Each workshop participant will be provided with a Baby Massage workbook and products to get you started.

It is a highly practical workshop which will also have discussion on gross motor milestones. Places limited to 10.

Individual baby massage sessions are also provided.

You will need to telephone on 0412 880 528 or 9372 0536 or email at  to book into the Baby Massage Workshop.