May 06

Whats New – May Blog 2022

As we enter the 5th month of the year we are beginning to return to some normality, with the effects of Covid still present but not as intense as the previous two years. We are pleased that most of our children have returned to face to face sessions and the practice is again a bustling hive of activity.
New Staff
This year we welcome our new physiotherapist Isabella Price- Hughes, to the team. In the mornings Isabella is working at Tasma House or travelling to complete home and school visits. In the afternoons, Isabella is running our intensive program.
We also have recruited more Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) to assist with client hydrotherapy and home exercise programs. Most of our AHAs are physiotherapy students. Abhi is an experienced AHA who has worked in many settings.
We also welcome Emily who has started as a receptionist this year and job shares with Madeline. Emily is also a trained AHA and sometimes helps out in practical sessions when needed.
We continue to support both Latrobe University and University of Melbourne Physiotherapy schools through the provision of physiotherapy placements. We have more students to come in 2022.
Intensive Physiotherapy
Our Moore Intensive Physiotherapy Studio has been running for a year now and has been a huge success to date! The Easter school holidays was a very busy time at our intensive Studio as this is when most of our school aged children attend. We are really looking forward to the July and September school holidays! If you are considering your child for intensives during the school holidays, please contact reception as soon as possible as we are almost booked out.
You might see Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre pop up in print and social media. We have been supporting Source Kids by advertising in their magazine and on their social media pages. This is a new venture and will be live very soon. We have committed to this by engaging Marc, our professional photographer. The social media photos we have developed are beautiful and we love hearing the kids say, “I’m in the book” meaning they are in the magazine. We are branching further afield with our advertising and are now advertising across to the Eastern suburbs and interstate. This will be in the Stonnington Boroondara Kids Today magazine and Facebook advertising.
Groups and Clubs
We are looking to run our next Baby Massage Workshop soon. This program is aimed at teaching parents massage techniques, which promote many therapeutic benefits in newborns. These workshops are being supported by our guest speaker, Catherine Cervasio, founder of award winning Aromababy products. Catherine will provide a talk on allergies and benefits of aromatherapy for babies. Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre stocks and sells Aromababy products and have recently purchased a new glass cabinet to clearly display these gorgeous products.
Our Bike club is set to run at Essendon Traffic school in the June and September. We are very excited to offer a program that will develop bike riding skills and road safety awareness skills as well as support parents to engage bike riding with their children in the community. Bike riding is an excellent form of exercise and is an important skill. It is great that NDIS are funding adaptive bikes and trikes that allow all our children to be able to engage in bike riding.
Werribee Mansion
In February this year the staff were treated to an off site all day meeting which included some pampering. The day started with a catch up prior to an indulging massage. This was followed by a sumptuous morning tea and a stroll around the grounds of Werribee mansion. In the afternoon we were treated to a game of Archery which was a lot of fun. After our sit down lunch we finished the day with a team meeting to discuss the many portfolio projects we have for our all important client group.
Good Friday Appeal fundraiser
We celebrated the Easter break with a “Guess the number of Easter eggs in the jar” competition. Sarah E won the competition and was very excited to receive all those eggs. Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre donated 5% of proceeds of one day and the money from the “Guess the Easter eggs in the Jar” competition to the the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.
Social Group
Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has acknowledged the isolation some older teenagers feel when it comes to getting out and about with their besties. For this reason, we now have a social group which is a get together and runs every few months. The aim is for friendships to form between teenagers. We had our first group at a local coffee shop which was lots of fun. The parents also enjoyed chatting amongst themselves as did the staff. Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre organises these groups and some staff attend without a charge. We only ask that you pay for your own drinks, food and entry fees where required. Next outing is Lawn bowls. Please contact Nurlan for further details.

Biggest Morning Tea Day
Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre is proud to support the Cancer Council by hosting the biggest Morning Tea on Wednesday the 25th May. We are opening the practice for cake and tea/coffee for a donation between the hours of 10.30am-12 pm and between 3-4pm. We will host the Biggest Morning Tea at Tasma House, 300 Ascot Vale rd Moonee Ponds. We cant wait to see you all there.

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May 2022

Until the next blog, take care and stay well.

Feb 05

New Year 2020 Blog

Welcome to 2020.  A new decade is upon us.

This year had started earlier than usual as we opened after the first week of January.  The practice was closed for just 2 weeks and its been busy, busy busy ever since.


Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has a grown due to community demand.

I have employed another physiotherapist due to the evolving nature of the business.  Some of my time needs to be dedicated to the business as well as my professional physiotherapy workload.  Its impossible for me to continue to do full time hands on work and run the business after hours.  This year I have allocated just over a day in administration time to my full time schedule which seems adequate for now.


Weekdays, we have Stephanie Bezzina ( new to our Team) and myself and on Saturdays we have Stephanie Cumming and Christina Ovenden.  Christina has been working as a locum and soon she will be ready to start Rugby Coaching again on Saturdays.  A replacement for her is now advertised.

Allied Health Assistants

One of our Allied Health Assistants, Georgia, has moved on to pursue a completely different career.

We now have Tim and Leanna both 4th year physiotherapy students who join Aziza and Ryan as Allied health Assistants.

Our Allied Health Assistants are all level 2 and provide outreach work.


On the front desk in admin we have Ruby and occasionally Maria assisting Nurlan during the week and Madeline on Saturdays.

Room 1 is occupied by Essential Speech Pathology with Pragashni and Claire

Room 2 is Occupied by Lisa Black Occupational therapist from DOTS OT on a Tuesday.

From 28th February we have Freya Aspinall OT formally of R82, taking up private practice at Tasma House  on Fridays and Saturdays. Her business name is Little miracles OT


Of course, not everyone is in the building at one time.  Therapy staff also do outreach work and work on different days.

So the  building is full of fresh faces and we have more reasons to share cakes in the kitchenette for morning tea!



From the data obtained by google we are getting over 4,000 website hits per month.  This is huge and is without paid google Ads.  This just shows the amount of community interest  in our services.  We aim to keep up the high quality services we have always provided.



Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre is a proud sponsor of the Prader-Willi Association.  We attended their Christmas party last year which was lots of fun and we met  a fair number of people who we already knew.   We are looking forward to a mutually supportive affiliation with the association.



Over the Christmas break we had some additional building works completed in the reception area.  This was timed to a “T”  to ensure that there was absolutely no disruption to services.

It took the builder just under 2 weeks to complete.  The reception floor was completely replaced as I wasn’t  happy with the movement it had in 1 place and there was a slight ramp in front of reception.  This was not too noticeable so you may not have realised it was there.  I wanted to ensure the floor was completely flat for all our new walking children.   So my last day of work 2019 saw me return to work that evening only to remove the desk and all the reception furniture including all our electrical cables ready for the builders.  Once completed the carpet was re-laid and steam cleaned as well as the reception chairs.  I also had the reception walls re painted.  Got to love a fresh look.

On Monday the 6th January the practice was ready to go as if no one had touched a thing.



Thanks to all our clients who pay on the day.  That’s the expectation ( as you would your GP/ Specialist).  When clients are seen off site, in hydrotherapy sessions or at home we offer payment on invoice, for now.

The majority of people pay in a timely manner. Nurlan and I appreciate this as chasing up unpaid self managed NDIS accounts takes a lot of time to process.



We all love NDIS;  With its changing rules.

We keep up to date on NDIS’ changing rules by sharing information between the disciplines in the office and discussing the changes with our suppliers of equipment as well as NDIS direct.

NDIS allows client  funds to be utilised under 3 methods

  1. self managed – where you pay and reimburse yourself with NDIS funds
  2. plan managed – where we send the account directly to a 3rd party to claim your NDIS funds
  3. NDIA managed – where we log into the NDIA portal and pay ourselves on the clients behalf.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre will continue to provide services to those clients who are

  1. Self managed.
  2. plan managed

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre I will no longer be NDIA managed after this year.  If you need information on plan mangers please ask Nurlan as she has a wealth of experience in this field.

You will find many independent therapy services like myself will not be NDIA managed after this year.  NDIS has made the process difficult, time consuming and extraordinarily expensive. This service is now geared to large corporates I believe.


Until next blog, stay well and happy.











Jun 25

Mid Year Blog

This year has rolled along at great speed.  When new things happen on a daily basis the year seems to fly by.

There are new changes at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and I will also explain the implementation of the new restraint Law and the changes to the NDIS prices from 1st July

New staff

Our Physiotherapist, Stephanie is now a part of the Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre team.  Stephanie works on Saturdays and during the school holidays. I am recruiting for  another experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist as the person I had in mind was not able to commit to the role.

We also have 2 allied health assistants, Aziza and Georgia. The allied health assistants provide programs to people at home.  If your child is funded under the NDIS this program is funded out of your core supports.

Together the therapy team is now 4 and soon to be 5 and we are supported by 2 wonderful admin staff, Nurlan and Louise.

Restrictive Practices

I recently attended a combined OT and Physiotherapy lecture evening on restrictive practices.  This session was conducted by the staff of the Office of  Professional Practice.

As of the 1 st July 2019, restrictive intervention practices are reportable. So what does this mean?

Basically it means if therapists apply a restrictive devise it needs to defined as  being for therapeutic purposes and used for a discrete period of time, eg arm wraps 10 minutes while holding a bar. Restrictive devices can be mittens to stop children biting their hands, helmets incase children fall, body suits where the person cannot unzip it themselves etc. If the devise is used to change a behavior a Behaviour Support Plan needs to be put in place.

Restrictive practices are reportable from the 1st July. As physiotherapists we will need to ensure our notes reflect why we are using the equipment as a form of therapeutic intervention.

Parents and Medical doctors are not subject to this new law.  This does NOT mean a doctor can say it ok to always apply a restrictive devise. As a parent, if you apply a restrictive device it’s ok apparently. But if you employ a Carer directly that’s not covered under an organization, for eg, a baby sitter etc they are considered civilians and as a result can be charged with assault if the restrictive practice is done in their care without a therapy Behaviour Support Plan.

I am sure we are going to hear heaps more on this topic in the near future. I will keep you updated on this.


Assistive Technology / Equipment Requests

With the introduction of NDIS Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has increased the number of equipment applications it handles. Prior to NDIS we used to complete about 10 a year. Currently the applications we process is running at about 10+ per month and each application takes at least 2 hours to complete. This has become a new heavy work load for us.

So far most applications have gone through smoothly, with many wheelchairs, standing frames, bikes, walking frames to name a few being processed and delivered. There have been some glitches and Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has worked very hard at implementing systems to ensure equipment is ordered in priority order as requests come to us, as well and ensuring the forms have been received by the Assistive Technology department of NDIS.  We have a priority order as everyone’s equipment request is important and everyone needs their equipment ASAP.  Sometimes we have found the emailed equipment forms were not received by NDIS without our knowledge. I can only assume this is NDIS being overloaded with equipment requests.

Some of your children’s NDIS plans request equipment forms are to go through SWEP.  As of the 18 th June 2019 NDIS have made a firm decision that SWEP will NO longer handle assistive technology requests. All equipment requests will now be sent directly to NDIS.



One of our trusted suppliers are moving location to 11 Ascot Vale rd Flemington. This is just down the road from us.  I couldn’t be happier to have them close by.


Price rise

There is an NDIS price rise by about $10. This will become effective by the 1st July 2019.  The new rate is $193.99 and for those self managed NDIS clients using your private health cover the rate will be rounded up to $194.

Our private fees and Betterstart fees will also increase to be in line with NDIS.


Please Note All NDIS SELF MANAGED clients are required to pay their accounts ON THE DAY, after the session.  NO accounts will be issued unless your session was provided off site where we do not have an eftpos machine. We are looking into portable eftpos services. Self managed clients are treated as private clients.

By Law, we cannot provide you with an invoice for a service that has not occurred, therefore we can not supply invoices the day before your child’s session. However we do provide printed receipts at the end of each session for you to claim back your costs through NDIS.

Until next time.


Apr 22

April 2019 Update

2019 has started off with a bang for us at PAEDIATRIC PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE

Many new changes have occurred and are all likely to be due to the NDIS being rolled out slowly but surely in our North West region.


As a result paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has 3 new staff

Alice Farrell Physiotherapist

Alice is an experienced Physiotherapist and loves working with the children.  As do the kids love Alice. Alice has been working with the children at schools, their homes, at the pool and at the practice rooms.

Aziza Sawiz Allied Health assistant

Aziza has been taking on a lot of children’s programs during the school holidays and has some sessions after school.  Aziza is completing year 12 this year and after this year will have more capacity to take on new clients.  We are looking at sourcing another allied health assistant to fill-in the gaps.

Louise – Part time receptionist.

Louise has been with us for about 3 weeks now and will usually be present on Thursdays.  Currently she is working longer hours while Nurlan is on leave.



The new website is currently up and running.  There have been a few glitches and some still needing to be ironed out.  For those of you who agreed for your child’s picture to be in the website, thank you and I have tried to accommodate them all.  The issue has been the way in which picture are taken. Sometime a square picture doesn’t fit into a round hole.

A big thank you to I-Mavericks who put the website together for me.  I have worked closely with Sneha who has put in many long hours of hard work, along with my many grizzles, to get the website looking as it is.



At Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre we have a Policy and Procedure manual which seems to be getting bigger by the day as we work toward being completely NDIS compliant.

This has become a fantastic opportunity to bring the Policy and Procedure manual up to the 21st century and have it on the Cloud and monitored by an external provider.  The wonderful people at Happy HR are setting this up as I write this blog.

New policies and procedures have been created because they were simply taken for granted and not formalised.  The manual will be relevant to workers as well as ensuring our clients are supported as much as possible.



Recently we had Helin year 10 student from Lowther Hall on work experience.  I have known Helin for many years so it was an absolute delight to see her helping out, her enthusiasm and her whitty sense of humour that kept me laughing a long the way.  Helin loved seeing the behind the scenes work at paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and couldn’t believe how much work I did in any spare minute I had.

Currently we have Georgia, an Exercise Scientist helping out on Tuesday and Wednesdays as part of her curriculum.  Georgia too is a great asset and we have many discussions about muscles and their functional properties.

Thanks ladies for your input.  Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre enjoys hosting students.



After the Easter break we will no longer be taking care of the administration for Essential Speech Pathology, with accounts, bookings and phone calls.  The workload has increased steadily and this isn’t possible to continue.  Pragashni and Claire will take of all their administration needs from now on.

Due to the additional workload NDIS has created I have commissioned an Audit for the front desk including all aspects of admin from our finance system and connecting this to our practice management system. All this is to ensure the front desk works as smoothly as possible with a faster turn around.

As we are in the process of changing over, our workload seems to have double but already I can see some streamlined activities which can occur with a push of an enter button, eg payroll.

Also, our email system has been updated and changed to a new program which is why I feel a few people haven’t received the emails they were hoping for.  If that’s the case for you please let us know so we can forward the emails to you.


Until the next Blog.

Mary-Anne Xenitelis








Nov 18

Melbourne Disability Expo November 2018

How lucky am I to go to an expo and have a great time finding out about so many services available for people with a disability. The day was very informative and I will explain the relevant information and leave the corresponding hard copy information in a folder in the waiting area.

1/. Software to manage your NDIS funds. There was one called manage it which is a program allowing you to add in the services you use so that you have a count down of the funds left in your plan. It provided graphs and charts and it used y this company who are support co Ordinators or they can each you how to use the program and you can run it yourself. A sample is on a USB.
Also an app called my spending planner cost $15 per year and helps you count down your budget.
plus other NDIS plan managers
2/. Driving adaptions. The controls used to adapt a car was on display. Your child will need to have an OT driving assessment completed first.
3/. Powered wheelchairs for the outdoors including beach and very rough terrain. Lots of large wheels.
3/. hard copy booklets called understanding NDIS books 1 and 2. Also digital versions on my Facebook page.
4/. Bright Sky is a company which helps you choose the right continence products includes pads and catheters. There is a great wheel chart which allows you to pick the correct size of product.
5/. ASPECT services for children on autism spectrum.
6/. Groups homes Afford.
7/. Ezpz all in one placemat for placing food in compartments.
8/. all in one bidets and toilet. Great for the child who can almost manage self care but cant quite clean up.
9/. Camps and travel. This was great. Travel was for over 18s but NDIS will funds carers to assist you traveling either one on one or in a group. At this time a blind person was on holiday in Japan with an one on one carer and groups attend other places like Disneyland.
This information will be in a folder marked Melbourne Disability Expo November 2018.

Oct 27

End of Year Round up

We now have additional services at Tasma House

Occupational Therapist
As of the 19th November Lisa de Vaux Occupational Therapist from DOTS OT will be working from Tasma House. Lisa is an experienced OT and will be joining us on Mondays ph 0452 573 687

Disability Employment Officer
As of this week on the 31st October we have Jenny Bannister, Disability Employment job Coach from AT Work Australia starting with us. Jenny will be attending on Wednesdays. Jenny can help the older kids become job ready, assisting them with their CVs etc. Please let Nurlan know if you are interested and we will pass your details on until we get a definite phone number.

Melanie Bouras is a Dietician who works on a Friday. Great opportunity for those wanting expert advice or a second opinion regarding food management, weight gain etc.
Melanie has already started and works with us on alternative Fridays. ph 0435 328 025

Speech Pathology
As most of you know Pragashni Pilay, speech pathologist also works with us 5 days a fortnight.
ph 0432 096 310

We didn’t have success with the psychologist. At short notice she was unable to work with us. I am still advertising and looking for this spot to be filled.

Additional Physiotherapist
Next year I will be recruiting a physiotherapist to help me out with the enormous work load building up with our current, past and new clients transitioning to NDIS. This Physio will be doing outreach work to schools, home, creche and Saturday work. S/he will be trained up in the programs I run to ensure continuity.

Aziza. Allied Health assistant.
Congratulations to Aziza who has completed her allied Health Assistant Course. She had completed 2 placements with us and is ready to start working part time. Aziza still attends school to do VCE. I am assisting her with her insurance at the moment and will be able to post more information to you when she is ready to take on clients. Your child’s NDIS plan may have funds available for an allied health assistant.

Its almost been 2 years since we moved into the lovely new rooms at Tasma House and we have a lot more services to offer your children. I couldn’t be happier with the development of the practice and hopefully you too will find the additional services helpful for your child, especially being in the one place.

Jun 13

Update and News at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre

Hi There.

It has been a busy 6 months this year.


We will continue to offer work experience placements for students of local schools.  We will have Katheryn starting on the 25th June from Buckley Park College and then Aziza will return in the September school holidays.

We continue to have many requests from overseas students for a placement at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and we try to accommodate.

Some of you will remember Sarah Hartel who was from Germany.  She spent about 6 months at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre.  Her goal was to gain experience to work in the paediatric field back in Germany and her dream goal has come true.  She was recently appointed as a Paediatric Physiotherapist  at a school.  Congratulations Sarah!!


We have been steadily writing a mountain of letters of support and requests for our clients to access funds for therapy and equipment through NDIS.   This has proven to be about 98% successful in the first instance.  We have had only 2 coordinators come back for further justification regarding equipment.

As a physiotherapist I can request NDIS  funds for an assessment by an Occupational Therapist for in home modifications, car modifications or in home assistive lifting devices. The request will eventually go through the NDIS stream of SWEP which must be submitted by an Occupational Therapist.

Additional building works

We are soon to have the stair railing lengthened and tactile tiles placed at the bottom and top of the stairs as an additional requirement for accessible compliance.

Tiny Steps Development Series

The 3 Apps I have created are now all FREE on iOS and the Google Play store

Please go in and have a look at them.

Baby Massage Guide

Baby’s Motor Milestones

Training@ the playground


Mary-Anne, Physiotherapist, will be on leave over the July school holidays.  Nurlan, receptionist,  will still be answering the diverted phones but will only come into the office as needed when Pragashni, Speech Pathologist, is in. If you need to come into the office to buy supplies etc, please call first to make sure the building will be opened.








May 07

Update on News at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre

Firstly, I have to say that the new practice rooms have been great to work in and we get glowing comments from lots and lots of clients, both new and old.  The concept of the new building was to ensure you and your children have the comfort of lovely surroundings when participating in therapy.  Everyone loves and appreciates the automatic opening doors especially when juggling a pram, wheelchair and walking frame or all 3 at once.  The oversized change table is also a hit for the older child who is incontinent.  There’s also some new therapy equipment which the children love, especially the swings.  A lot of the new equipment was sourced overseas.

This week we are having Google in to video tape the rooms, so those clients who are new to the practice will be able to see what its like before they come in.  They will be able to google search Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and click on it for the video to play.

At Tasma House, we have a meeting room upstairs for the purpose of hosting lectures and some workshops.  I’ve been working on information sessions for parents some of which will be Feeding and dietetics, the Psychology of play, etc.  These information sessions will be run by professionals in the field and will be free to parents of new and existing clients. Places will be limited so keep posted for these as I will announce it on Facebook and at the practice rooms.  If you have ideas on topics you would like to hear about please let us know.

Last week I had an evening dinner meeting with Pragashni Pillay, Speech Pathologist, regarding new and innovative group programs we are planning to run.  They will be on the theme of Communication concepts and movement.  We will link the 2 concepts together so the movement and the speech compliment each other.  We are in the planning phase now and will have the groups advertised toward the second half of the year. They will be run in the gym room.

Our brain storming session also came up with some excellent ideas on training workshops for Health Professionals and others for Parents. We will keep you posted on these workshops too.

Lastly, in mid June we will be hosting a year 10 work experience student for the week.





Mar 13

phone apps

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has 3 relevant apps for your children.  They are designed for mobile phones and can be accessed via the Play Store and App Store.

Below is a run down on the apps available.

“Baby’s Motor Milestones” explains the average milestones expected for children up to the age of 18 months old.  This is a Free app. IMG_5806

“Baby Massage Guide” is a comprehensive guide to massaging your baby. This guide covers the topics on massage theory, benefits of massage and massage techniques.  Illustrations provided. On the Play store.  IMG_5804

“Training @ the Playground”  has information on muscles used on all different types of playground equipment.  It provides you with illustrations and the functional benefits of strengthening muscle groups. On the App store and the Play Store.

.  IMG_5805


Feb 12

Work Experience and Physiotherapy Students

Many behind the scenes activities occur at Pediatric Physiotherapy Centre, one being many request for student placements, either in secondary college, university or qualified physiotherapists wanting to observe our work.
Recently we had Jen, who is a 3rd year Doctor of Physiotherapy student at Melbourne University. Jen was on placement at Royal Melbourne Hospital and in her spare time managed to observe and assist on 2 Fridays. Thanks Jen for your help and we wish you well.
In June this year we will host a Strathmore Secondary College Student for a week and from Mid July through to August we will host a Master of Physiotherapy student from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.
This is a great opportunity to help students foster a love of working with children.
We look forward to meeting these students as I hope you will.


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