Mar 18

Buildings works underway

It was great to go past the new practice location and see full work in progress. I saw the crane placing the new steel beams and last week saw that the new foundations had been poured. All moving along swiftly. I’m just having fun buying new equipment to place in the gym, treadmill, Wii, basketball stand… I’ve yet to work out a pulley system to raise and lower the bolster swing that will attach to the ceiling, but I’m sure its been worked out before. Any ideas I’m happy to hear your thoughts.

Feb 01

Skeanie Long Socks

I have a new shipment of Skeanie long navy socks. They come in all sizes up to 10 years of age. These socks are great for ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). They stretch well and are long enough to fold over the top of the AFO. This is the last shipment of Skeanie socks as they are not making them any more.

Feb 01


Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has a new receptionist. Her name is Nurlan. She will be working 4 days a week while I’m in the practice rooms. You will see more of Nurlan as you come in for your appointments.

Dec 29

End of Year Summary

Its been a very busy and action packed year for Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre. Finally the council red tape has been cut and the building works of the new practice will start in January. This will benefit all who attend Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre as the gym room will have more of a rehab feel to it with new equipment and the area will be much larger to work in. There will also be a 10 metre walk area marked out in metre increments for good gait assessments. I will also continue with the theme of 2 rooms, the other being the baby and toddler room, which has the toys in it. The toys are well loved by all the children who attend. There will be facilities for the disabled as well as excellent wheelchair access throughout the building.

There have been many achievements attained by my clients over the past year. This is due to the dedication of the parents who put the time for these gains to be realised. Some of the fantastic achievements have been
Children walking for the first time; one who is 14 years old,
Sitting independently for the first time; of many age groups,
Standing while holding onto a support.
Post operative rehabilitation; well done to the children and families who have gone through this process. The orthopaedic surgeons at Royal Children’s Hospital do wonderful work.
These gains will translate to future independence. These gains are mammoth achievements to my client and I’m proud of all of them for working so hard. Personal independence has and always will be my goal for all the children I treat.

Over the year some of the interesting courses I have attended are sports strapping and taping and interpreting of X-Rays and imaging. I have put both courses to good use for children of all abilities. I’ve been amazed at how well taping can be used to achieve excellent results for children with neuromuscular disorders. It is a new slant on some older style splinting.

The new year will bring a change in the way Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre is run. I will have additional support with administration which will mean I can focus more on my physiotherapy work. The new receptionist will start part time, attend a relevant short course early on in the year and gradually work up to full time when we move to the new practice location. Of course Sue Brooker will continue to be responsible for the accounts.

The new app I understand is still on the way having a few glitches with changes to google and apple settings. The illustrations in the app were drawn by Sarah Hartel, Physiotherapist, who some of you know.

Next year will be exciting and challenging. My work load will mainly consist of work at the practice rooms with some travel to locations on Thursdays which is mainly for my adult neurological case load. I have exciting ideas on groups for next year which I will elaborate on further down the track.

I will be back at work on the 18th January 2016. Wishing you all a safe holiday and exciting new year.

Sep 02

New App

You may remember I have a new app currently being developed. Adam from Huntsman labs is working hard on this app for me but he was whisked off to Japan for a few months. The app is almost complete now in terms of the electronics. Some of you may remember Sarah Hartel, German physiotherapist who spent some time with us here. She drew the illustrations. The app is about strength training using everyday play ground equipment you will find in a local park. As I often get questions about this topic I thought I’d put it together in app form. I’ll let you all know when its release on the App store and Google Play

Sep 02

New Practice

Despite efforts to have this project completed, the Moonee Valley council processes dictate the terms and processes we must follow. We have one final hurdle to overcome and then the building work will begin. All the demolition work has been completed. Council processes should be complete by the latest end of October 2015.
The area is very energetic with the local popular cafe ready to open though to the evening with a liquor licence and the talk between those in the know is that the near by petrol station is up for sale. I will keep you posted on matters of the new practice but I can assure you that I and the team ( architect and town planner) have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to have this project moving forward and as smoothly as possible.

Sep 02

Physiotherapy Student

Thank you to Ashleigh, Physiotherapy student, who spent the day with me on Friday 28th August. It is always wonderful to have a helping hand around as well as providing students with the opportunity to see Paediatric Physiotherapy first hand. I get many calls from local and overseas students but can only manage to assist a few each year.

Jun 22

Work Experience student

We have a new year 10 Work Experience student who will be helping out at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre this week. Her name is Carla.

Jun 22

Administrative data

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre is moving with the times. It is shifting file data and other information online. If you haven’t been asked to fill out a registration form please let us know.

Apr 14

Did You Know…

A lot of people have been asking about tricycles for their children, specifically requesting information on who can modify existing bikes. Did you know about

Here’s what they offer
…Solve Disability Solutions (formerly TADVIC) is a not-for-profit organisation that makes and modifies equipment for people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met commercially. The specific equipment needs of people with disabilities varies enormously. Solve Disability Solutions can assist where a custom-made solution is required.

Our therapists and volunteers work together to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by increasing their independence and providing them with the opportunity to pursue their goals at home, school, work and at leisure…

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