Apr 22

April 2019 Update

2019 has started off with a bang for us at PAEDIATRIC PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE

Many new changes have occurred and are all likely to be due to the NDIS being rolled out slowly but surely in our North West region.


As a result paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has 3 new staff

Alice Farrell Physiotherapist

Alice is an experienced Physiotherapist and loves working with the children.  As do the kids love Alice. Alice has been working with the children at schools, their homes, at the pool and at the practice rooms.

Aziza Sawiz Allied Health assistant

Aziza has been taking on a lot of children’s programs during the school holidays and has some sessions after school.  Aziza is completing year 12 this year and after this year will have more capacity to take on new clients.  We are looking at sourcing another allied health assistant to fill-in the gaps.

Louise – Part time receptionist.

Louise has been with us for about 3 weeks now and will usually be present on Thursdays.  Currently she is working longer hours while Nurlan is on leave.



The new website is currently up and running.  There have been a few glitches and some still needing to be ironed out.  For those of you who agreed for your child’s picture to be in the website, thank you and I have tried to accommodate them all.  The issue has been the way in which picture are taken. Sometime a square picture doesn’t fit into a round hole.

A big thank you to I-Mavericks who put the website together for me.  I have worked closely with Sneha who has put in many long hours of hard work, along with my many grizzles, to get the website looking as it is.



At Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre we have a Policy and Procedure manual which seems to be getting bigger by the day as we work toward being completely NDIS compliant.

This has become a fantastic opportunity to bring the Policy and Procedure manual up to the 21st century and have it on the Cloud and monitored by an external provider.  The wonderful people at Happy HR are setting this up as I write this blog.

New policies and procedures have been created because they were simply taken for granted and not formalised.  The manual will be relevant to workers as well as ensuring our clients are supported as much as possible.



Recently we had Helin year 10 student from Lowther Hall on work experience.  I have known Helin for many years so it was an absolute delight to see her helping out, her enthusiasm and her whitty sense of humour that kept me laughing a long the way.  Helin loved seeing the behind the scenes work at paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and couldn’t believe how much work I did in any spare minute I had.

Currently we have Georgia, an Exercise Scientist helping out on Tuesday and Wednesdays as part of her curriculum.  Georgia too is a great asset and we have many discussions about muscles and their functional properties.

Thanks ladies for your input.  Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre enjoys hosting students.



After the Easter break we will no longer be taking care of the administration for Essential Speech Pathology, with accounts, bookings and phone calls.  The workload has increased steadily and this isn’t possible to continue.  Pragashni and Claire will take of all their administration needs from now on.

Due to the additional workload NDIS has created I have commissioned an Audit for the front desk including all aspects of admin from our finance system and connecting this to our practice management system. All this is to ensure the front desk works as smoothly as possible with a faster turn around.

As we are in the process of changing over, our workload seems to have double but already I can see some streamlined activities which can occur with a push of an enter button, eg payroll.

Also, our email system has been updated and changed to a new program which is why I feel a few people haven’t received the emails they were hoping for.  If that’s the case for you please let us know so we can forward the emails to you.


Until the next Blog.

Mary-Anne Xenitelis