Jun 25

Mid Year Blog

This year has rolled along at great speed.  When new things happen on a daily basis the year seems to fly by.

There are new changes at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and I will also explain the implementation of the new restraint Law and the changes to the NDIS prices from 1st July

New staff

Our Physiotherapist, Stephanie is now a part of the Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre team.  Stephanie works on Saturdays and during the school holidays. I am recruiting for  another experienced Paediatric Physiotherapist as the person I had in mind was not able to commit to the role.

We also have 2 allied health assistants, Aziza and Georgia. The allied health assistants provide programs to people at home.  If your child is funded under the NDIS this program is funded out of your core supports.

Together the therapy team is now 4 and soon to be 5 and we are supported by 2 wonderful admin staff, Nurlan and Louise.

Restrictive Practices

I recently attended a combined OT and Physiotherapy lecture evening on restrictive practices.  This session was conducted by the staff of the Office of  Professional Practice.

As of the 1 st July 2019, restrictive intervention practices are reportable. So what does this mean?

Basically it means if therapists apply a restrictive devise it needs to defined as  being for therapeutic purposes and used for a discrete period of time, eg arm wraps 10 minutes while holding a bar. Restrictive devices can be mittens to stop children biting their hands, helmets incase children fall, body suits where the person cannot unzip it themselves etc. If the devise is used to change a behavior a Behaviour Support Plan needs to be put in place.

Restrictive practices are reportable from the 1st July. As physiotherapists we will need to ensure our notes reflect why we are using the equipment as a form of therapeutic intervention.

Parents and Medical doctors are not subject to this new law.  This does NOT mean a doctor can say it ok to always apply a restrictive devise. As a parent, if you apply a restrictive device it’s ok apparently. But if you employ a Carer directly that’s not covered under an organization, for eg, a baby sitter etc they are considered civilians and as a result can be charged with assault if the restrictive practice is done in their care without a therapy Behaviour Support Plan.

I am sure we are going to hear heaps more on this topic in the near future. I will keep you updated on this.


Assistive Technology / Equipment Requests

With the introduction of NDIS Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has increased the number of equipment applications it handles. Prior to NDIS we used to complete about 10 a year. Currently the applications we process is running at about 10+ per month and each application takes at least 2 hours to complete. This has become a new heavy work load for us.

So far most applications have gone through smoothly, with many wheelchairs, standing frames, bikes, walking frames to name a few being processed and delivered. There have been some glitches and Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has worked very hard at implementing systems to ensure equipment is ordered in priority order as requests come to us, as well and ensuring the forms have been received by the Assistive Technology department of NDIS.  We have a priority order as everyone’s equipment request is important and everyone needs their equipment ASAP.  Sometimes we have found the emailed equipment forms were not received by NDIS without our knowledge. I can only assume this is NDIS being overloaded with equipment requests.

Some of your children’s NDIS plans request equipment forms are to go through SWEP.  As of the 18 th June 2019 NDIS have made a firm decision that SWEP will NO longer handle assistive technology requests. All equipment requests will now be sent directly to NDIS.



One of our trusted suppliers are moving location to 11 Ascot Vale rd Flemington. This is just down the road from us.  I couldn’t be happier to have them close by.


Price rise

There is an NDIS price rise by about $10. This will become effective by the 1st July 2019.  The new rate is $193.99 and for those self managed NDIS clients using your private health cover the rate will be rounded up to $194.

Our private fees and Betterstart fees will also increase to be in line with NDIS.


Please Note All NDIS SELF MANAGED clients are required to pay their accounts ON THE DAY, after the session.  NO accounts will be issued unless your session was provided off site where we do not have an eftpos machine. We are looking into portable eftpos services. Self managed clients are treated as private clients.

By Law, we cannot provide you with an invoice for a service that has not occurred, therefore we can not supply invoices the day before your child’s session. However we do provide printed receipts at the end of each session for you to claim back your costs through NDIS.

Until next time.