Feb 05

New Year 2020 Blog

Welcome to 2020.  A new decade is upon us.

This year had started earlier than usual as we opened after the first week of January.  The practice was closed for just 2 weeks and its been busy, busy busy ever since.


Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre has a grown due to community demand.

I have employed another physiotherapist due to the evolving nature of the business.  Some of my time needs to be dedicated to the business as well as my professional physiotherapy workload.  Its impossible for me to continue to do full time hands on work and run the business after hours.  This year I have allocated just over a day in administration time to my full time schedule which seems adequate for now.


Weekdays, we have Stephanie Bezzina ( new to our Team) and myself and on Saturdays we have Stephanie Cumming and Christina Ovenden.  Christina has been working as a locum and soon she will be ready to start Rugby Coaching again on Saturdays.  A replacement for her is now advertised.

Allied Health Assistants

One of our Allied Health Assistants, Georgia, has moved on to pursue a completely different career.

We now have Tim and Leanna both 4th year physiotherapy students who join Aziza and Ryan as Allied health Assistants.

Our Allied Health Assistants are all level 2 and provide outreach work.


On the front desk in admin we have Ruby and occasionally Maria assisting Nurlan during the week and Madeline on Saturdays.

Room 1 is occupied by Essential Speech Pathology with Pragashni and Claire

Room 2 is Occupied by Lisa Black Occupational therapist from DOTS OT on a Tuesday.

From 28th February we have Freya Aspinall OT formally of R82, taking up private practice at Tasma House  on Fridays and Saturdays. Her business name is Little miracles OT


Of course, not everyone is in the building at one time.  Therapy staff also do outreach work and work on different days.

So the  building is full of fresh faces and we have more reasons to share cakes in the kitchenette for morning tea!



From the data obtained by google we are getting over 4,000 website hits per month.  This is huge and is without paid google Ads.  This just shows the amount of community interest  in our services.  We aim to keep up the high quality services we have always provided.



Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre is a proud sponsor of the Prader-Willi Association.  We attended their Christmas party last year which was lots of fun and we met  a fair number of people who we already knew.   We are looking forward to a mutually supportive affiliation with the association.



Over the Christmas break we had some additional building works completed in the reception area.  This was timed to a “T”  to ensure that there was absolutely no disruption to services.

It took the builder just under 2 weeks to complete.  The reception floor was completely replaced as I wasn’t  happy with the movement it had in 1 place and there was a slight ramp in front of reception.  This was not too noticeable so you may not have realised it was there.  I wanted to ensure the floor was completely flat for all our new walking children.   So my last day of work 2019 saw me return to work that evening only to remove the desk and all the reception furniture including all our electrical cables ready for the builders.  Once completed the carpet was re-laid and steam cleaned as well as the reception chairs.  I also had the reception walls re painted.  Got to love a fresh look.

On Monday the 6th January the practice was ready to go as if no one had touched a thing.



Thanks to all our clients who pay on the day.  That’s the expectation ( as you would your GP/ Specialist).  When clients are seen off site, in hydrotherapy sessions or at home we offer payment on invoice, for now.

The majority of people pay in a timely manner. Nurlan and I appreciate this as chasing up unpaid self managed NDIS accounts takes a lot of time to process.



We all love NDIS;  With its changing rules.

We keep up to date on NDIS’ changing rules by sharing information between the disciplines in the office and discussing the changes with our suppliers of equipment as well as NDIS direct.

NDIS allows client  funds to be utilised under 3 methods

  1. self managed – where you pay and reimburse yourself with NDIS funds
  2. plan managed – where we send the account directly to a 3rd party to claim your NDIS funds
  3. NDIA managed – where we log into the NDIA portal and pay ourselves on the clients behalf.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre will continue to provide services to those clients who are

  1. Self managed.
  2. plan managed

Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre I will no longer be NDIA managed after this year.  If you need information on plan mangers please ask Nurlan as she has a wealth of experience in this field.

You will find many independent therapy services like myself will not be NDIA managed after this year.  NDIS has made the process difficult, time consuming and extraordinarily expensive. This service is now geared to large corporates I believe.


Until next blog, stay well and happy.