May 07

Update on News at Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre

Firstly, I have to say that the new practice rooms have been great to work in and we get glowing comments from lots and lots of clients, both new and old.  The concept of the new building was to ensure you and your children have the comfort of lovely surroundings when participating in therapy.  Everyone loves and appreciates the automatic opening doors especially when juggling a pram, wheelchair and walking frame or all 3 at once.  The oversized change table is also a hit for the older child who is incontinent.  There’s also some new therapy equipment which the children love, especially the swings.  A lot of the new equipment was sourced overseas.

This week we are having Google in to video tape the rooms, so those clients who are new to the practice will be able to see what its like before they come in.  They will be able to google search Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre and click on it for the video to play.

At Tasma House, we have a meeting room upstairs for the purpose of hosting lectures and some workshops.  I’ve been working on information sessions for parents some of which will be Feeding and dietetics, the Psychology of play, etc.  These information sessions will be run by professionals in the field and will be free to parents of new and existing clients. Places will be limited so keep posted for these as I will announce it on Facebook and at the practice rooms.  If you have ideas on topics you would like to hear about please let us know.

Last week I had an evening dinner meeting with Pragashni Pillay, Speech Pathologist, regarding new and innovative group programs we are planning to run.  They will be on the theme of Communication concepts and movement.  We will link the 2 concepts together so the movement and the speech compliment each other.  We are in the planning phase now and will have the groups advertised toward the second half of the year. They will be run in the gym room.

Our brain storming session also came up with some excellent ideas on training workshops for Health Professionals and others for Parents. We will keep you posted on these workshops too.

Lastly, in mid June we will be hosting a year 10 work experience student for the week.