How lucky am I to go to an expo and have a great time finding out about so many services available for people with a disability.The day was very informative and I will explain the relevant information and leave the corresponding hard copy information in a folder in the waiting area. 1/. Software to manage your NDIS funds. There was one called manage it which is a program allowing you to add in the services you use so that you have a count down of the funds left in your plan. It provided graphs and charts and it used y this company who are support co Ordinators or they can each you how to use the program and you can run it yourself. A sample is on a USB.
Also an app called my spending planner cost $15 per year and helps you count down your budget.
plus other NDIS plan managers
2/. Driving adaptions. The controls used to adapt a car was on display. Your child will need to have an OT driving assessment completed first.
3/. Powered wheelchairs for the outdoors including beach and very rough terrain. Lots of large wheels.
3/. hard copy booklets called understanding NDIS books 1 and 2. Also digital versions on my Facebook page.
4/. Bright Sky is a company which helps you choose the right continence products includes pads and catheters. There is a great wheel chart which allows you to pick the correct size of product.
5/. ASPECT services for children on autism spectrum.
6/. Groups homes Afford.
7/. Ezpz all in one placemat for placing food in compartments.
8/. all in one bidets and toilet. Great for the child who can almost manage self care but cant quite clean up.
9/. Camps and travel. This was great. Travel was for over 18s but NDIS will funds carers to assist you traveling either one on one or in a group. At this time a blind person was on holiday in Japan with an one on one carer and groups attend other places like Disneyland.
This information will be in a folder marked Melbourne Disability Expo November 2018.

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