Additional Therapy and Administrative Staff

I am really excited to have such a wonderful team at Tasma House. We are growing here more than I ever imagined. The Allied Health team are supported by wonderful administrative staff and together we have made Tasma House a great place for your child’s therapy.

As some of you will already know Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre now has Stephanie Bezzina Physiotherapist who is working with us during the week, Monday to Thursday. Stephanie’s case load is building very quickly and it wont be long before we see her here 5 days a week.

Stephanie is a great asset to our team. She brings with her a sense of dedication to her profession that is wonderful to see.

Weekend Physiotherapists. As you know we have Stephanie Cumming who works with us on Saturdays as does Christina Ovenden who was to move onto Rugby coaching on Saturdays. Due to Covid 19 Rugby has been on hold so she is still with us for the short term. I have already recruited and interviewed for Christina’s replacement but that all came to a stand still when Covid 19 locked us up and put the breaks on all businesses. I will announce changes as they occur. Often the Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre Facebook page is where announcements are made.

Receptionists. Some of you may already know Georgia Ramacciotti who works with our clients as an Allied Health Assistant. She has now started working with us on Fridays as our receptionist. On Saturdays our receptionist is Madeline Vorrias, my daughter, who is learning the ropes slowly but surely. And of course all therapy staff and the reception staff are fully supported by our wonderful Practice Manager, Nurlan Kaya.

Our new addition to the team is a Speech Pathologist. I have recruited and interviewed for this position over the last month and had interest as far as internationally. The quality of the applicants were exceptional and we will have a speech pathologist working here on Mondays and Wednesdays. Additional days and outreach will occur as the need arises.

As you know we have 4 Allied Health Assistants, Ryan, Georgia, Leanna and Tim. However, Ryan has taken up a position with the army reserves for 6 months until the end of the year.

I am hopeful that the other 3 AHAs can pick up Ryan’s work load. If not I will recruit for another AHA.

Room changes

Last week we said goodbye to Pragshni and Claire, Speech Pathologists. Essential Speech pathology is moving on to their own rooms. We wish them well and will miss their presence here dearly.

I have taken on board many of your suggestions. One is that our clients like to have all their services in the one building. This is one of the reasons why I have recruited a Speech Pathologist to join our team. Room 3 will also be used for Physiotherapy sessions during the week and on Saturdays. Currently the furniture is being delivered and the room is being set up for our use.

Freya Aspinal, Occupational Therapist of Little Miracles, has joined us at Tasma House on Saturdays. Freya will work out of room 2. Freya started with us at the beginning of Covid 19 which slowed her work load down but will also be working from here on a Friday in the future. Some of you may know Freya from R82 and met her during equipment trials.

D.O.T.S. child OT is also working with us in room 2 on Tuesdays. Lisa Black Occupational Therapist is working remotely at this time but will be back in the building later on.

New Front Sign

Our front sign needed to be altered to reflect our new changes.

We now have our own Speech Pathologist listed as well as the two Occupational therapists D.O.T.S. Child OT and Little Miracles OT.

Covid -19

We are back into the swing of things here doing face to face sessions and ensuring Covid-19 stays out of our building. Everyone who comes in has been very cooperative with using sanitiser and having their temperature taken. The kids love choosing a toys and there are free samples for the adults to take.

We are also impressed with people letting us know before hand if they feel unwell enough to not come in for session. Telehealth can be the perfect back stop for that situation if you prefer.

We have loved seeing all the children come back into Tasma House, and we are delighted to see their enthusiasm to try out all the equipment once again. We also have enjoyed catching up with all the parents as well. Its great to have you all back.

Webinars and all things electronic

As we cant have face to face continuing education, us therapists are completing this online. I have been fortunate enough to be linked into a local municipal council who are running fabulous social media workshops in how to use these services to our full advantage. I’ve been loving this series and trying out new things I’ve learnt for the business.

We are also completing webinars from our physiotherapy association and found some fantastic topics to engage in. These are often done at home as there is no time at work. I often miss the webinars during business hours as I’m always so fully booked seeing clients. But that’s OK.

We are soon to have the NBN on at Tasma House. I can only assume this means consistent and fast internet. One can only hope.

Until next Blog, stay safe

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