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We offer 60-minute in clinic physiotherapy sessions. Our paediatric physiotherapists are specialised in assessing and treating paediatric conditions from birth through to adulthood.

At your initial appointment, we complete an individualised assessment of your child’ s presentation to determine the best course of treatment required.  We then develop a tailored treatment plan and goals in collaboration with your family. We provide active, hands-on therapy through play-based exercise to assist your child in pursuing their goals. Our clinic has a range of equipment to challenge your child’ s strength, balance, coordination, and endurance.

We also provide home exercise programs so that you child can continue to make gains outside of therapy sessions.

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An assessment of the child’s presentation is completed to determine the course of treatment required.


Active treatment sessions are provided. Balance and co-ordination equipment is often used to assist in the exercise sessions .


At the Paediatric Physiotherapy Centre, individual programs are tailored to each child. Home programs are provided.